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Yesterday, at Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children’s (RIDBC) 2019 VISCON, Jarek presented on smart speaker technology and our accessible audio content hub – Sonnar Library before a group of educators and specialists dedicated to the learnings of children and students with vision loss. Access to information for people with low vison (and other forms of print disabilities) is extremely limited; only 10% of all printed material are accessible to people with print disabilities, and as little as 1% in developing countries. Limited access to information can have profound and long-term impact across all aspects of a person’s life; including educational and employment outcomes. People in the sector are continuously doing innovative and tireless work to improve the situation. With the Sonnar Library, we are also doing our bit in making access to information that much easier and equitable for people (children, adults, and everyone in between) with print disabilities.

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