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Sonnar Library is making headway overseas with two publishers indicating their interest in the platform a week after its initial release.

Sonnar Interactive Founder Jarek Beksa launched the player and audio delivery platform at the at 2019 The Round Table (on Information for Access for People with Print Disabilities Inc) in Brisbane on Sunday, May 5.

During his talk at the conference not only explained the incredible journey the tech start-up is on from initially developing interactive games to developing software that removes everyday barriers for those who are living with a vision impairment or print disability.

“Our aim with Sonnar Library was to utilise Alexa and take advantage of smart speaker technology to bring the joy of reading for those who are blind, vision impaired and print disabled.”

 Although much of the detail about the publishers remains under-wraps, Jarek says the overseas interest in Sonnar Library can only be described as remarkable.

“It really just solidifies to us that other businesses believe in the purpose that it serves… ending the book famine”.  

He says the conference not only sparked interest for the Sonnar Library, but for our business as a whole.

“We’re currently also looking at participants for usability study for the Sonnar Library, so that we can produce some empirical data around the effectiveness of using voice as a way to access information.”

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