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We have developed a simple strategy to improve user experience of smart speakers available on the market. Through our experience gained in our everyday work, we found that in order to achieve mutual understanding it is necessary to talk to them as you would to a puppy dog.

You would never tell your dog, “Get me the ball from the fifth drawer of the cupboard on the right, next to the bed in the guest room.” Rather, you would say, “Get the ball, buddy.”

Maybe you are trying to introduce a smart speaker to your parents to facilitate their internet experience. Or perhaps you are just in need of a smart personal assistant to help you with everyday tasks.

Elderly people in particular are especially more cautious when it comes to integrating new technology into their daily lives. This is not due to disinterest, but rather to their insecurity with approaching new electronic devices. They might even simply dislike the idea of talking to a computer.

Then it is only natural for their trust in technology to be lessened when not being understood by a smart speaker.

Rethinking is necessary as we cannot let them stray away from technology. In fact, voice technology has the potential to enrich the lives of many people, the elderly in particular.

A smart speaker cannot comprehend really complex sentences; straightforward and simple commands are necessary for optimal performance.

Next time you use a smart speaker, remember to keep it simple so that even a puppy could understand it.

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