Luminate Quiz Alexa Skill

“Alexa, start Luminate Quiz”
“Alexa, open Luminate Quiz”

Alexa Skill

Luminate Quiz

Prepare for an online theory test — just by asking Alexa.

You’re on a TAPS Programme and preparing for the online theory test, which you must pass in order to complete this programme.
Using this skill, you can check your knowledge before the test, so that you’re ready on the day.

Here’s how it works:

You: Alexa, open Lumiate Quiz

Alexa: Welcome to Luminate Quiz. When you answer a question, say true or false, or the number of the option on the list you think is correct. To listen to a question again, say repeat. Let’s get started. Which quiz would you like to play? To play All Questions; say 1. To play Image only quiz say 2. To play Multi choice; say 3.

You: Play all questions.

And away you go!