“Alexa, start Hansel and Gretel”
“Alexa, open Hansel and Gretel”


Hansel and Gretel – Interactive Story

A new take on multi-path stories that use professional voice actors, sound effects, music and art to reinvent classic fairy tales.

Ever wished your favourite fairy tale ended differently?
Now you can make it happen!

Twisted Tales are believed to be the world’s first Alexa stories where the reader can play the part of not only Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel, but also the Big Bad Wolf or the Evil Witch, living the stories from their point of view!

Currently there are two stories available:
– Red Riding Hood
– Hansel and Gretel

Twisted Tales include:
* Professional voice acting
* Immersive music
* Flawless sound effects
* Multiple choices and alternative endings
* Possibility to play story from the Wolf’s point of view