Alexa Ambient Rain sounds

“Alexa, start best fireplace sounds”
“Alexa, open best fireplace sounds”

Ambient Sounds: Rain (9 pack)

In one skill you can listen to multiple types of rain in different settings (currently 9).

We are using highest quality field recordings. Our streams are 192 kbps in stereo.

Sonnar Nature Ambient Sound Packs are best way to relax, stay focused, meditate, fall asleep faster and sleep better!

Choose your favorite rain type by saying one of following or simply say “random”:
– Forest
– Car
– Window
– Jungle
– Leaves
– Garden
– Plastic garden roof
– Street
– Downpour

Ambient sounds will play in a loop for as long as you desire. You can set up a sleep timer by saying “Alexa, set a sleep timer for 1 hour” or whatever time span you would like.