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Audio Game Hub!
Audio Game Hub is one of 5 applications nominated in Best Accessibility Experience category. We were acknowledged for enabling device interaction in innovative way that serve people with disabilities and special needs. Here is the link to the Google Blog. And the list of other application in this category

What are the Google Play Awards?
The Google Play Awards celebrate the achievements of our developer community over the past year, by
recognizing the best apps and games across nine categories. Each category includes five nominees with
the winner being announced during the award ceremony on Monday, May 7th.
This is the third year of our global awards program intended to show the breadth of apps and games
coming from developers across the globe.

How are nominees selected?
Nominees were selected by a panel of experts across the Google Play and product teams based on a
criteria set emphasizing app quality, technical performance, innovation, and having a launch or major
update in the last 12 months.


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