While the kids think they are just enjoying a fun new app - they are actually learning!

Twisted Tales are every parent’s dream: education that will keep your kids entertained for hours! While the kids think they are just enjoying a fun new app – they are actually learning reading, listening and decision-making skills. Genius? We know! This new take on choose-your-own-adventure stories uses professional voice actors, sound effects, music, and art to reinvent classic fairy tales. Believed to be the first of its kind in the world, Twisted Tales allows you to take on the roles of characters and live the story from their point of view.

Red Riding Hood


Red Riding Hood is walking through the woods, taking a lovely meal to her ailing grandmother. She has been warned about the big bad wolf, but when she meets a shaggy stranger, he insists he is the big good wolf. Should she trust him? You decide. Will she survive the meeting? It’s all up to you.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel have a problem. The narrator of their story is really boring. So they tell him to get on with it! He is rather perturbed by this, characters aren’t supposed to talk back.

Will they resolve their differences? Who really controls the story? What are the possible effects of eating too much gingerbread? And should they visit the incredibly big, ugly, evil ogre who eats children? It’s all up to you.


Professional voice acting

Immersive music

Flawless sound effects

Multiple choices and alternative endings

Reading assistant

Built-in parental lock for security

For schools and educational licenses please contact us at: contact@sonnar.nz

This is an app that educates and entertains children at the same time, a dream result for parents who want their children to grow-up knowing education doesn’t have to be boring, kids are actually learning reading, listening and decision-making skills

What they say about us

“Admirable concept!”

Dr Jannie van Hees

Dr Jannie van Hees

New Zealand Council for Educational Research

"10 out of 10! Fun, engaging way to learn reading."

Anna Wozniak

Anna Wozniak

Orange Customer Testing Center

"Sonnar is the future of audiobooks"

Steve Corbett

Steve Corbett

CEO AUT Enterprises