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Delivering books to people with reading disabilities have never been easier
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More than just an audiobook player

Sonnar Library empowers users with different reading and learning needs, disrupting the way we think about accessibility and reading.

The Sonnar Library is a player and audio delivery platform which currently gives access to public domain audio content from sources such as Librivox and Internet Archive and through smart speakers.

Through simple voice commands, users can search, select and navigate audio content that may have been made elusive to them, whenever and wherever they want.

Sonnar Library takes advantage of two worldwide developments: smart speaker technology and the Marrakesh Treaty. Signed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the United Nations in 2013, the treaty promised to break down borders and end the global book famine by giving people who are blind, vision impaired, and print disabled easier access to copyrighted works.

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People using Sonnar Library on a smart speaker

Our vision

Sonnar’s mission is to create all-in-one audio content delivery platform accessible through smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other assistants).

For individuals it will provide easy to learn and use interface for accessing audiobooks. For organizations it will allow for content (books) and member management. In simple words it will allow organizations around the world to upload, edit and share their audiobooks.

We seek to partner with accessible format providers and organizations  to help create a global library for people with print disabilities, no matter where they live.

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