Here at Sonnar our vision is sound; literally. We specialise in using voices, sounds and music to create apps for both sighted and non-sighted users.

The idea

“Nobody makes games for us” were the words of a blind gamer that launched this collaborative project, aimed at bringing the fun of video games to the nearly 300 million visually impaired around the world, as well as the many more who want to play by sound rather than sight. Put simply, most of the games made for the visually impaired currently in the market are much more simple than traditional video games and unfortunately, many audio games are not as developed in terms of depth, diversity, quality or good replay-ability. Clearly, there is a need and a responsibility to provide the visually impaired with richer gameplay than what is currently available.

The Discovery

After releasing the first interactive audiobook in Polish history of literature we discovered something amazing – 95% of downloads came not from visually impaired but from sighted users. This gave as an idea that everybody can enjoy good interactive audio story.

Jeong, Jarek and Alex


Sonnar was formed during 2016 edition of Lightning Lab – Startup Accelerator program in Auckland New Zealand. After intensive 3 months we have created the Sonnar Engine – which allows us to easily create any sound-based applications.

In April 2016 we released Audio Game Hub – award winning set of experimental games for visually impaired.
Year later we have created first accessible mobile Blind Cricket game for visually impaired.
In November 2017 we have released Twisted Tales series – interactive stories for kids that enhance active listening and reading skills.

In 2018 we have started creating skills for Amazon Alexa and apps for Google Home.

 Awards & Recognition

  • “Highly Commended” at NZ Innovation awards 2017
  • “App of the month award by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).” – September 2016, United Kingdom
  • “Winner of the Representation Award on the Play by Play International Games Festival.” – 18th-23rd April 2016, Wellington, New Zealand
  • “Finalist at the Lighting Lab Auckland programme.” – March – July 2016, Auckland, New Zealand
  • “Winner of the AUTEL Innovation Challenge.” – 26th November 2015, Auckland, New Zealand

Sonnar Team

Jeong Su Jeon

Lead Developer

Yiding Liu

iOS, Android Developer

Eugene Upston

Audio Engineer

Rafal Sadowski

Graphics and Game Designer

Mitali Purohit

Commercialisation Manager

Elyse Wyatt

Digital Marketing

Alisa Kashytska

Web Developer

Jarek Beksa

CEO, Designer, Audio Engineer